Accountable August

by jodymulkey on August 20, 2011

Lately I have been in this mode of: setting different fitness goals, running experiments and tracking my progress.  My quest for a quantified self!   Being a data nerd and gadget geek I have all kinds of devices that help me in my quest (FitBit, Withings, BodyBugg, Pace,etc.) but that topic is worth a post of its own. I wanted to share my experience with my most recent fitness goal and the technology I am using to help me reach it.

Whenever my fellow Zillan Matt and I get to talking our conversation inevitably leads to our shared pursuit of fitness.  Since we have both been prioritizing our health we end up sharing what works, what doesn’t and general ideas on how to stay in shape.  A month or so ago Matt was in town and we got to talking about the 100 Pushups training program.  It is a six week training program (most of the time) that helps you build the strength to do 100 consecutive pushups. Basically 3 times a week you do 5 sets of pushups with 60-120 seconds rest between sets. Over the course of 6ish weeks you keep building up by adding more repetitions each week. At the end of the program each set is 35-45 pushups, each set. Holy cow! Sounds like a lot of pushups to me and I have to say I am no stranger to pushups. The 2 years I spent at the Marine Military Academy taught me a lot about pushups. Lots and lots of pushups.

So when Matt mentioned that he was thinking about starting the program again and I blurted  “We should do it together!” out loud I must have been temporarily insane.  Sounds crazy right? But that is exactly how I started down this masochistic path.   I have just completed Week 3 of the 100 Pushups training program at Level 3.  The goal is to get to the level where you can do 100 pushups consecutively, crazy talk. Let’s just put it this way,  if you would have told me that I would be able to do 120 pushups in one session two weeks ago I would called you a nutjob. That was almost unthinkable for me, but that is what I did today as accounted for by my tweet.  We have developed a practice of tweeting our #100pushup stats.  I think this has really upped the accountability and has even inspired 4 other Zillans to join our quest for 100 pushups.

The workout in Week 4 is kind of crazy and it is giving me anxiety.  After re-reading the program if I can’t complete the workouts I have to repeat the entire week until I can actually get through all of them. That seemed daunting to me at first, but after a while I realized that all it really means is that the only way to lose this 100 pushup challenge is if you quit.

Kind of like life isn’t it? You only lose if you quit.


You only lose if you quit.

I am not planning on losing. I may stumble,  but I will progress.

Stay tuned and I will report my progress( or lack thereof for that matter).  With the benefits of  virtual camaraderie via twitter and our shared accountability we will achieve our goals. There are five other committed Zillans on this journey. Each and every one of them inspires me to push through the pain and get through the next workout and who knows, they might just inspire you to to join us.


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